Our current catalog includes both our domestic line of shades, as well as our import line of handsewn and various shades.

Lake Shore dealers can email us at info@lakeshorestudiosllc.com for price sheets, or log in to your account and view the pricing details below each item.



easy ordering

Lake Shore customers have no minimum order requirements. We can complete any hardback shade order, including custom styles, sizes and fitters. We take orders through phone, fax or email.

Fast turnarounds

We have one of the fastest turnaround times in the business with a net 30 days for domestic orders. Our Quick Ship styles ship in two weeks, and import orders in two days.

Quality guaranteed

Lake Shore has been producing the highest quality hardback lampshades in the industry since 1979. We strive to make, and keep, our customers happy. We pride ourselves on customer service.